About us
Rollspack are the leading manufacturers of large or small laminated, food grade, Metallized, Aluminium foil, Aroma-Retentive, Oxygen-Resistant, Gas Resistant, Opaque, Double Laminated or Triple Laminated Bags or Sachets. We also offer Single Colour Rotogravure Printing and Stand up, Ziplock, Gusseted or Anti Static Options.

Our products have been tested by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) as well as vide ASTM & BIS test methodologies @ NABL accredited Laboratories .

Based in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, we are responsive to every need in packaging Industry to deliver high quality, customized packaging material on time.

Our bags deliver a wide range of products to the global market, from Intermediates to Active Pharmaceuticals ingredients, prepackaged, sealed Engineering Goods, Mehendi, Adhesives etc.

With a quality conscious, trained and highly experienced team we guarantee fast effective delivery of your order. Just send us you contact details with a few words about your company and we shall get in touch with you immediately. We are a 21 CFR Compliant Company for at least one of our Exported items and We have our ISO 9001 Certtificate.

On this website we have tried to provide as much of detailed information about Rolls Pack as we could . On the left you will find links to Test results for several products . Please do not hesitate to call us or drop us a line for any clarifications.
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Quality Standards

Rollspack is a technology driven company dedicated to excellence in flexible packaging field. Furthermore our products are all holders of USFDA DMF Type III, Health Canada DMF 2010- 183,  ISO 9001 certified. Also, we have been awarded Gold Category in World Quality Commitment.

We conduct annual internal audits for product quality reviews, and are also open to quality audits by our customers.

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